Emphasizing the Importance of Our Generation's Voice

February 18th, 2017

2nd Annual Conference

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The Time is Now The Power is Yours

Through our theme “The Time is Now. The Power is Yours”, we hope to simultaneously develop a sense of urgency and empowerment within our peers. In the midst of social injustices, we can no longer be silent and we can no longer be passive. Instead, we need to make our voices heard as there is power among the youth. As young people we must recognize our power to change the world.




Keynote Speaker

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Derecka Purnell

Derecka Purnell is an organizer, writer, and recent Harvard Law School graduate. Purnell’s previous work has supported educational and criminalization efforts, including: building school to college pipeline programs for youth of color in a city’s least resourced zip codes; conducting research that led to a local ban-the-box ordinance; revitalizing a state’s school funding formula to ensure more equitable and adequate funding system; waging a successful campaign against a ballot initiative that would have eliminated statewide affirmative action; and organizing with lawyers to build Law for Black Lives, a network 3,000 law students, lawyers, and legal works to support social movements.