The Power of the Present: Tomorrow’s Story Starts Today

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Through our theme, The Power of the Present: Tomorrow’s Story Starts Today, we hope to unpack and redefine the possibilities that our future holds through the lens of four capacities: technological advancements, environmental sustainability, social justice, and intersectionality.

Our goal is to discover and explore the developments already placed in order to engage and challenge those narratives. At this year’s conference, we hope that each individual walks out of this conference confident in their capacity to affect change in our society today. BUNITED Student Diversity Conference is a Boston-wide collegiate event. We welcome all students from all universities!

$10 BU-affliated students/faculty/staff

$12 Non-BU students/faculty/staff

Tickets sold on Eventbrite

For questions or concerns, please email at bunited@bu.edu